About Natalie

An opera singer in a former life, Natalie’s flair for the dramatic was a natural entree into playwriting and musical book-writing. Her newest Nat & Kat project, (Un)Sung: how do you spot a hero? had a development workshop at Circle in the Square Theater School in June 2019 and will have another at NYFA in August 2019. Nat & Kat's other musical SWEETHEARTS OF SWING (now being pitched for television) received a NAMT grant for a residency in 2017 through The Lark and the Pocantico Center, and has also had staged readings in NYC and at the Aurora Fox Theater in Colorado. Other full-length works include THE INNKEEPER, BREAKING PAIRS, and her horror play THE TAMING OF CATS, which received glowing reviews as a Resident Artist Production at The Brick Theater in NYC. Natalie has four short works published by Indie Theater Now, and numerous short plays have been produced across the country and in Montreal. Natalie’s naturalistic writing style simultaneously transports her audiences to other realms, be it through historical fiction or magical realism. Enjoy the ride!


August 23rd 2019: (Un)Sung presentation at NYFA in Manhattan; reservation details coming soon! 

Full-Length Works




A New Musical by Nat & Kat

If a person walked on the planet, did they really exist, if nobody wrote it down? Nat & Kat gather vibrant historical figures — some of whom made it into history books and some who didn’t — into one room to illuminate both history and present day by allowing these women’s stories to sing. A full-length one-act with simple production values; cabaret-style with a generous dose of magical realism. Like (but also unlike) Top Girls, Follies, Gloria: A Life, Vagina Monologues, Working, Songs for a New World.



Musical Sweethearts of Swing all-women swing band 1940s

1943: One ambitious bandleader, one girl running from home, and another with nothing to run to come together in a “colored” all-female swing band touring the Jim Crow South. In defying both law and convention by crossing the color line to play the music they love, these women set off a chain of events that has life-altering consequences. Inspired by true stories.

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Horror play werecats

Catherine’s violent and bloody blackouts inflame her most primal fears. Her world falls increasingly out of orbit as the cause eludes explanation. Forces pull at Cat from every direction: her sister needs her to be normal; her stalker aches to save her; and her would-be-lover hungers to satisfy her most voracious desires. Catherine is desperate for answers, but the truth may prove more terrifying than her wildest nightmare….

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A young woman expects to die; an old woman expects to live forever. A mystical inn has its own ideas.


When a mother’s death forces a father and daughter to confront their contentious past, will the truth break them apart or bring them together?